Risks inherent in the activity

Risks inherent in the activity

I acknowledge that I have been informed about the risks inherent in the activities offered by NAVI. The risks of the kayaking and SUP activity in which I am going to participate are, more specifically, but not limited to kayak and SUP trips:

• Injuries due to movements due to falls or others (sprain, strain, fracture, etc.);

• Injuries due to desalting in the presence of shallows;

• Injuries with blunt or cutting object (branches, equipment, etc.);

• Cold or hypothermia;

• Injuries resulting from accidental or non-accidental contact between individuals;

• Food allergy ;

• drowning;

• Burns or heat disorders.

Authorization to intervene in an emergency

I hereby waive any claim, as well as any claim for damages for any damage to property and material belonging to me for reasons including, but not limited to normal wear and tear, loss, theft, breakage or vandalism. Authorization to intervene in an emergency

I, the undersigned, authorize NAVI to provide all necessary first aid. I also authorize NAVI to make the decision in the event of an accident to transport me (by zodiac, ambulance, helicopter, coast guard or otherwise) to a hospital or community health establishment, the whole, if necessary at my own expense. I acknowledge having been informed of the risks of kayaking and SUP on the river and more particularly in the area where NAVI offers the rental of non-motorized watercraft. I agree to stay in the area indicated by NAVI employees and delimited by landmarks (islands, buoys, rocks and others). Despite the stability of this type of boat, you must always remain seated. Wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) is required at all times and I agree to comply with this instruction. Otherwise, I risk being fined $ 200 plus costs.

Authorization for publication and representation of photographs

I authorize NAVI to photograph me and use my image as part of its nautical activities. Consequently and in accordance with the provisions relating to image rights and name rights

I authorize NAVI to reproduce and communicate to the public via its social media the photographs taken within the framework of this document. Confirmation of information and acceptance of risk I certify that the information on this sheet is correct, to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I have not deliberately omitted any relevant or irrelevant information about my state of health. I am aware that the information contained in this sheet is confidential and aims to better plan and supervise the safety of the activities in which I will participate and that it will allow NAVI to draw up a profile of its customers. I am aware that the activities offered by NAVI take place in semi-natural environments which, consequently, could lead to serious injuries and even cause death. Having taken note of these risks and having had the opportunity to discuss them with a person responsible for the activity, I acknowledge having been informed about the risks inherent in the activities and I am able to undertake the activity with FULL KNOWLEDGE OF CAUSE AND BY ACCEPTING THE RISKS that this activity may involve. I am also committed to playing an active role in managing these risks by adopting a preventive attitude towards myself and towards other people around me. The supervisor reserves the right to exclude any person whom he deems to represent a risk to him (him) or to the rest of the group. I understand that it is possible for me to leave this activity for one reason or another.